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1. Industrial factory buildings: Especially in factories with high electricity consumption and high online purchase prices, the roof area of the factory buildings is usually large, and the roof is open and flat, suitable for installing photovoltaic arrays; And due to the high electricity load, the distributed photovoltaic grid connected system can achieve on-site consumption, offsetting a portion of the electricity purchased online, thereby saving users' electricity bills.



2. Commercial buildings: Similar to industrial parks, commercial buildings have a similar effect, but the difference is that they mostly have cement roofs, which are more conducive to installing photovoltaic arrays. However, they often have requirements for the aesthetics of the buildings. According to the characteristics of service industries such as commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, conference centers, and resorts, the user load characteristics are generally higher during the day and lower at night, which can better match the photovoltaic power generation characteristics.


3. Agricultural facilities: There are a large number of available roofs in rural areas, including self owned residential roofs, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds, etc. Rural areas are often located near the public power grid, and the quality of electricity is poor. Building distributed photovoltaic systems in rural areas can improve electricity security and quality.


4. Municipal and other public buildings: Due to standardized management, reliable user load and commercial behavior, and high installation enthusiasm, municipal and other public buildings are also suitable for centralized and connected construction of distributed photovoltaics.

5、边远农牧区及海岛:由于距离电网遥远,我国西藏、青海、新疆、内蒙古、甘肃、四川等省份的边 远农牧区以及我国沿海岛屿还有数百万无电人口,离网型光伏系统或与其它能源互补微网发电系统非常适合在这些地区应用。

5. Remote farming and pastoral areas and islands: Due to the distance from the power grid, there are millions of people without electricity in remote farming and pastoral areas in Xizang, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Sichuan and other provinces and coastal islands in China. Off grid photovoltaic systems or micro grid power generation systems complementary to other energy sources are very suitable for application in these areas.

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